Here at Mulberry Kidz we recognise that every child learns through play and exploring the world around them. Set in the beautiful Bathampton, the nursery staff offer the children to play through the range of activities provided. The children being their own learning journey, which is identified through the qualified and experienced staff within our team, who will promote and encourage the children to play, learn and explore from their own interests. Although the children will have their own 'key person', we like to see our rooms as 'key teams' where the child is at the centre. Key teams enthasises the staff knowing all of the children within their care, and knowing how to give every child the best start in life and within their own learning and development.

Children enjoy being apart of their learning which is why we focus on the child's well-being, their learning style and their interests. A confident person will then be able to give everything a go and be part of the Mulberry family.

Mulberry Kidz is situated within Bathampton, where the views are beautiful, the community is strong and friendly, and not to mention the wonderful canal and country feel. Mulberry has an exceptional garden and outdoor space with qualified Forest School Practitioners. We want to bring the wonderfulness of Bathampton into our provision; so we want to create natural, calm and interesting environment for the children and staff to enjoy.